Our Timeline

April 2013- Filled out AGCI Pre-Application to find the country we were best matched with.  It was Bulgaria!

May 2013- Met with a financial advisor about how to plan the funds for our adoption

June 13, 2013- Mailed our Adoption Application to AGCI and chose a homestudy agency (Baptist Children’s Home)

June 27, 2013- Finally heard back from AGCI that we were accepted…application had gotten lost in the mail for over a week!

July 3, 2013- Started the Paperwork Phase of adoption….began our homestudy paperwork for BCH

July 12, 2013- Had our contracts for AGCI notarized and sent off.

July 16, 2013- Got our first set (of three!) of fingerprints taken in Mt. Vernon, IL

July 18, 2013- Completed our Orientation Call with AGCI

July 22, 2013- Andy, Addy and I got TB tests

July 23, 2013- Officially accepted into the Bulgaria Adoption program!!!!  Received Dossier packet to start.

July 24, 2013- TB tests read, I had my physical and HIV tests

July 26, 2013- Received kids birth certificates for homestudy and completed Dossier call with our AGCI caseworker

July 30, 2013- Completed first online training (Adopting the Older Child) and began “With Eyes Wide Open” training

July 31, 2013- Andy’s physical and HIV test

August 5, 2013- CPR training class for homestudy

August 6, 2013- Mailed off home study paperwork and FBI Record Request

September 9, 2013- Received clearance from FBI

September 19, 2013- FINALLY finished our “With Eyes Wide Open” Training…..only 6 more classes to go.   😉

September 21, 2013- Traveled to Chicago for our 6 hours of in-person training through The Cradle

September 25, 2013- Completed “Conspicuous Families” and “Let’s Talk Adoption” trainings

October 8, 2013- Completed “The Journey of Attachment” training

October 9, 2013-  OFFICIALLY licensed in the state of Illinois to become an adoptive family!

October 15, 2013- State of Illinois approves the home study

November 5, 2013- Follow-up home study visit

November 6, 2013- SENT OFF I-800A Immigration forms!!!  Big Milestone!

November 23, 2013- Received our USCIS Appointment for December 4th  AND mailed a few more documents to be apostilled in Springfield, IL

November 25, 2013- Received our West Virginia FBI fingerprints back after being apostilled

December 4, 2013- Got fingerprinted at USCIS in St. Louis, MO

January 16, 2014- Got NBC approval and medical letter notarized, apostilled and sent to AGCI to finish translation

February 2, 2014- Registered with the Bulgaria Ministry of Justice….the “official” wait begins

March 21, 2014- Home Visit

……waited, waited, waited…..

January 22, 2015- Received updated Homestudy and approval letters, overnighted our NBC application to Texas

…..waited, waited, waited……

August 11, 2015- Biometrics Fingerprinting to update homestudy again


August 26, 2015- Homestudy Update Visit

September 9, 2015-  “Officially” Accepted our referral

September 10, 2015- Received travel dates for October 3-10

September 16, 2015- Overnighted NBC paperwork for I800 (Received on 18th)

October 5, 2015- Received i800 Provisional Approval (to start the Visa process)

October 3-10- Traveled to Bulgaria to meet our son ❤

October 27, 2015- Received Article 5 (U.S. Embassy has determined that we are eligible to adopt, that our child may enter and reside in the United States, and that the U.S. Central Authority agrees that the adoption may proceed.)

December 14, 2015- Passed Court.  Leo Isus is now legally our son!

January 23-27, 2016- Traveled to Bulgaria, and brought our son home FOREVER!


2 thoughts on “Our Timeline

  1. Reality Of Christ says:

    I remember the days!! We brought home our two Bulgarian baby boys about two years ago. They were 3 and 4 at the time. It’s been one crazy ride! But they are such a blessing to us. May God bless you on your journey. 🙂

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