Baby Brother

This week we have our first post-placement visit with our homestudy agency.  One month……we have been home 1 MONTH!  It’s unbelievable.

Yesterday as I was filling out a 7 page questionnaire (does adoption paperwork EVER end?),  I was answering them enough to get by when I ran across the question:

What have you enjoyed about parenting this child?

I actually sat and thought about this question.  There were many answers I could have given, but as Andy and I have talked one thing has blessed us more than anything else.  We have enjoyed watching Leo flourish in his role of baby brother.  He has fallen deeply in love with his older siblings, and it has been remarkable to see his delight at having a brother and sisters.

At one month home, as soon  he wakes up he jumps up and runs through the house hollering “Addy, Abe-a, Cola?”  If one of them gets hurt (or is just throwing a fit) and crying, he runs to their side and says their name over and over until they start laughing.  If they are gone, he walks around looking for them.  If they are here, he engages them in playing with him.   All it takes is one word from him when he needs something and at least one sibling all his siblings rush to his side to help.  He has little games he specifically plays with each one of them.

As we talked about this blessing last night, we agreed that having Addy, Abe and Cora has helped Leo bond with us better as he sees how they trust us, it has taught him he is safe here, and he has learned what fun can be had in this home.  Granted, he has learned that brothers and sisters fight, and we’ve had our fair share of that too…..but we are counting it as a blessing, because that’s what true brothers and sisters do sometimes.

Proverbs 17:17 in the International Children’s Bible says:

A friend loves you all the time.
    A brother is always there to help you.

We praise God that He did not leave Leo as an orphan, and he did not leave us without him in our family.  We praise Him that our children will always have each other through every joy and trial they experience in this life.

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