Meet Our Son

Last Monday, December 14th,  was a monumental day for our family.  It was our court day in Bulgaria….the day that would take us from a family of “Five and Waiting” to a family of six.   The day that Leo Isus Sutton would officially become our son and the baby brother to our other children.

We anxiously awaited a phone call Monday morning saying that everything had gone as planned and we were new parents.  We watched the clock and counted down the minutes, waiting to rejoice as a family.  Finally, at a quarter after 11 we got the call–we had passed court!  Our darling boy would no longer be an orphan again.

So, it is with great joy and blessings beyond what we can believe that we introduce to you, our son.


Our first moments meeting Zoosy are cherished ones.


This picture is too much for my heart.


An outing with Zoosy to a town festival.


He loved being on Andy’s shoulders.


Our first “family” photo.


He was always asking us for our glasses or hats!


I am dreaming of kissing those cheeks again soon.


Our last day (in the rain) with the little man.

The process from here on out is wait to hear that the court decree was printed (a minimum of 7 days from court), then we’ll get travel dates.  We still anticipate heading back to Bulgaria in January.

Please Pray:

  • That we are able to get travel dates quickly, and that winter weather cooperates for all our travel plans.
  • For Zoosy.  Many well-intentioned people have kindly said, “He must be so excited for you to come get him!”  This couldn’t be any farther from the truth.  He is 2.  He is in a loving environment (praise God!), and he has no concept of what is getting ready to happen.  In all honestly, it will be the hardest thing he might ever have to experience……his grief will be real and it will be devastating, but we know this is a necessary part of the process for him to join our family.  Pray for him, that God would in beautiful ways prepare him for this heartache.
  • For his foster family–They have become like family to us, and we know many tears will be shed over this sweet boy leaving their home and village.
  • For Andy and I–we have had to make some incredibly difficult decisions about Trip 2 which effect our entire family, and it is hard to find peace about those decisions.  Please pray for wisdom and comfort for what is to come.
  • Our kiddos here–this will be slightly more difficult that a “bringing home baby from the hospital” scenario this time.  Please pray that they would have understanding and patience with us as we adjust to our new life together.
  • And last, not entirely related to our adoption story, but my sister-in-law’s—-please pray for my nephew, who is living in an orphanage in Haiti with SO many difficulties in getting him home.  Years are slipping away, and still he waits for a corrupt government and unwilling family decisions to allow him the chance for love.  Pray that God moves mountains to bring him home quickly.



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