Time for an Update

When we first started this journey, and when I first started the blog, I shared every little feeling…..every tiny thing that could be updated.  I truly intended to keep it updated when we finally got near the “end” of this part of the adoption, but something happened.  Suddenly when we were holding a picture, and medical file, and family history file….it all got more real.  It wasn’t just a “story” we were telling anymore, but a little life and a past….and a future with our family. The emotions and feelings are more raw, and harder to share.

When we held him in our arms, and met the people who love him right now, it seemed like the situation was more sacred than we could have ever imagined.  So many emotions and thoughts and changes for so many people are taking place with this adoption…..and I’ve learned the hard way that “casting my pearls” about how I’m dealing with all this, sometimes ends with regret that I said anything at all.

So, I apologize for the sudden silence, but I do want to share an exciting update.

As we watched the Macy’s Day parade, and cooked and got dressed for Thanksgiving, we received a phone call from our agency (which only goes to show what a good organization AGCI is…..that our caseworker would call and do paperwork for us on her day off!).  She joyfully shared that we got our MOJ signature and have been assigned a court date!

On December 14, 2015, our case will be brought before a judge in Bulgaria, and Leo Isus will legally become our son.  This is GREAT news, and the time frame is better than we could have hoped for.  Just 2 and a half weeks, and we will begin plans to bring him home forever.

After we pass court, we will wait 10 days-3 weeks for a court decree to print (possibly longer with holidays) and then we will prepare to travel.  It appears that we will begin 2016 as a family 6…….no longer “5 and waiting.”


  • For us to get all the paperwork needed by Friday.  (This included prayer for safe travel for my dad and I as we make a whirlwind road-trip to Springfield this week to re-do some paperwork that was lost in DC.)
  •  That our judge will show favor and there will be no delays with our court process.  We have been assigned a “particular” judge who has requested more information, but this is manageable, and we hope it is sufficient.
  • That things will continue to move quickly through the holidays.
  • For our 3 kids here—that God would prepare their hearts for us to leave them again.  It was very, very hard on Cora the last time, and it makes me nauseous to leave her again.
  • For Andy and I, Isus, and his foster family–that God would grant peace, love, and grace for the months to come.

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