The Final Countdown

It’s almost too much to take in.  In just a few more days, Andy and I will drive to Evansville—just like we might on any given Saturday.  But we won’t be going shopping or out to eat or running errands.  We will be dropped off at the airport.  We will get on a plane, and then another, and then another…..and then, essentially, a child will be brought into a room with us….and he will be our son.  How can my mind wrap itself around this?

We have held his pictures tightly the last 6 weeks.  We have listened over and over to his giggle on video, but none of that compares to the knowledge that we will touch him, hold him, embrace him next week.  My emotions are all over the place.  Joy of a new son, confusion about what will happen when we get there, anxiety about whether he will bond with us, excitement to once again set my feet on Bulgarian soil.  I feel fairly certain that I won’t grasp the gravity of having children continents away from each other until I see him with my own eyes.

So many —SO many– people have told me this past week that they are praying for us, and I just want to say thank you.  It is so humbling to have such support and encouragement at this time.  Please, don’t stop praying!

Please pray for:

  • Our travel- for smooth flights and layovers (and for rest during the flights!)
  • Our 3 kiddos here- for understanding, safety and good memories made with grandparents
  • Our sweet little one in Bulgaria–that he will feel loved, that we will have a few special bonding moments with him, and that we might have the opportunity to get just a glimpse of what our  family is becoming
  • For his foster family– that we would be able to build a good relationship with them, and that God would prepare their hearts to see him adopted
  • For Andy and I– that jet lag won’t take away from our experiences, that we (I) will be able to keep my emotions in check,  that we will soak up every moment with him and those memories will be etched on our hearts
  • Our paperwork- that everything we sent off last week to Immigration would be accepted, and the process of bringing him home would go quickly–both here and in Bulgaria

2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Viviane says:

    New IAC results came out today and these sessions were held after you had already received your referral, so I am sure the one I sent you earlier is the correct session/referral for your little guy.

    Have a wonderful trip!

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