Travel Dates!!

This morning I was expecting to hear from our caseworker with tentative travel dates.  Instead she called with confirmed dates for our first trip:

October 3-10

We were really hoping to be on a plane ASAP, but that isn’t reality….and we are super-thankful to have dates at all.

This means Andy will celebrate his 35th birthday Bulgarian-style!

I’m going to get a plan for myself with school/ housework/ random busyness to keep my mind occupied, and I’m sure it will be here in no time.  All I can dream about is meeting him (and yes the dreams are always in partial Bulgarian–and they are always phrases that are combinations of all the words I know, but even in my dreams I know they don’t make sense!).

In the meantime I will watch videos of him over and over.  Plaster our house with the pictures we have of him, and imagine being here:


(Wikipedia tells me this is a view from his village towards the city we will be staying in. Sigh.)


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