Sitting Tight

Adoption is full of bumps in the road, delays, and confusion.  I knew when we got our referral last week, that there was a good chance that it wouldn’t be “smooth sailing” to get to our little guy.

For those of you who don’t know what goes into accepting a referral for Bulgaria, let me quickly share what it looks like.

The “referral” consists of a file of any known  medical, developmental, psychological, and family history.  This amount of information varies from child to child.  It also usually comes with photos and videos.  You must have all this information, and present it to an International Pediatrician for their evaluation.  They go over all their concerns with you, and sometimes come up with a list of questions they want answered so that you can have the best information possible.

We had our consultation with our international pediatrician last week, but we knew that because our referral only came with one photo of him, that we would have to wait to get new photos and videos to “officially” accept the referral.  The appointment went well; she used words like he’s “beautiful,” “remarkable,” “doing better than he should be.”  Concerning most of his medical issues, she said things like “manageable,” and “not an issue.”  She did have one concern,  which we may or may not understand fully until he comes home, but something that (either way) we feel don’t hinder us from being his mom and dad.

So she submitted her list of questions for us to pass on to our agency.  We originally heard that our team in Bulgaria would be travelling to his village this past Wednesday or Thursday to get the new information, and that by today or Monday we could accept his referral and get travel dates.  But…….as I said before…….delays are a given.  We found out yesterday that in fact, the team won’t be able to travel now until next Wednesday, so we will have to sit tight for an extra week.

One week–7 days– isn’t going to change the course of history, but when you are this close (THIS close!!) to meeting your son for the first time, every minute counts.  We have waited nearly 2 and a half years for this moment, so we will pray for patience to last a little longer.  We should still be stepping onto Bulgarian soil in September! 1380179077

Random sweetness:  Snippets of my Favorite Prayers this Week

Addy Rose:  “Jesus, PLEASE let us get our travel dates SOON!”

Abe:  “Thank you for our team in Bulgaria.”

Cora: “Thank you for my little bwother.”


  • For the Vesta team to get the information needed next Wednesday, and get it to us in a timely fashion.
  • For our little boy–that he is happy, healthy, and cared for during this time, and that God would prepare him for great changes in his little life.
  • For his foster family–that they would love him well, and that they would be blessed for caring for him this last year.
  • For me– for clarity of thought in the coming weeks, and for any looming fears to be covered in peace.
  • For Andy–to accomplish what he needs to at work before we travel.
  • For our kiddos here– that God would prepare and sustain them while we are gone to Bulgaria, and through the changes in the next few months.



4 thoughts on “Sitting Tight

    • Bethany says:

      Hmmm…the more I look at it, I don’t think that’s us. Our dossier was registered February 2, 2014–not March????? Maybe we aren’t until the August meetings?

  1. Bethany says:

    Viviane–bless your heart!! I’ve been checking your blog occasionally to try and find ours! How exciting to have this to add to our scrapbook!

  2. Viviane says:

    Likely your dossier was submitted to MOJ in February and then registered in March. It usually takes a month between submission and registration. Agencies often tell their clients the earlier date and then there’s a discrepancy later on with when they think they were registered as opposed to when they really were. If you found out about your referral in mid-August, it’s very likely that the referral was issued at least two weeks prior to that date as that’s typically how long it takes for the paperwork to be supplied by MOJ to the respective NGOs to share with the clients.

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