We Got THE Call!!

This week we got the most important phone call we will ever receive.  The phone call that changes our family forever.  The phone call we have waited 2 years and 4 months to receive. Let me tell you the LONG version of this beautiful story.


Monday we had just finished doing our morning set of school.  I cleared off the lunch table and went outside to read for a few minutes while the kids played.  I picked up Mary Beth Chapman’s I Choose to See book at the library, and read the chapter where they flew to China and held their little girl in their arms for the first time.  I  wiped tears from my face as I finished the chapter, and then went back into the house wondering what that moment would be like for us.  I had just finished setting the book down on my dresser when Addy brought me my phone.  “Mom, you just missed a call.  Who is A-G-C-I?”  I knew that this was our adoption agency and my mind quickly began scrolling through past emails to try and remember if our caseworker had mentioned it being time for quarterly calls.  I knew she hadn’t, but refused to believe she wanted anything other than questions about paperwork.  This didn’t keep my heart from beating a little faster, however.  As I tried to convince myself it probably wasn’t anything, and tried to decide what number to call her back on, the phone rang again.  My heart skipped a beat and I quickly answered.  We chit-chatted for a while, before she said, “I love all the pictures you’ve been posting of your kids on Facebook lately!”  “Oh, thank you,” I replied.  Then these words changed everything…….

I just hope you have room for one more, because I am holding the picture of a beautiful little boy!

(Insert falling to the floor, followed by non- stop screaming, and crying.)

The kids came running  into the room to check on me (knowing I was talking with our caseworker).  I looked at Addy and shook my head yes and they went squealing out of the room.

When I finally calmed down enough to listen, she asked if I was okay, and then proceeded to tell me about this precious little 20-month Bulgarian prince who would join our family.   I heard nothing after that–only knew I needed to call Andy.  She told me a few things about his file, and asked if I had any questions.  I told her I couldn’t form words at the moment, and she promised to email me his photo and file as soon as we got off the phone.  I hung up and called Andy–praying that he would answer–and on the last ring he did.  I told him to sit down, and shared that we had received THE call.  He laughed with delight!  I forwarded him the email before I opened it, and we opened it together.  I lost my breath as the screen slowly unfolded the picture of the most darling boy.  I instantly knew he belonged in our family.  He shares Addy, Abe, and Cora’s round little faces, button noses, and Cora’s dark eyes.  He had the tiniest upturned lips, just barely a grin.  My heart melted, and at the same moment, I became more overwhelmed and shocked than I have ever been in my entire life!

I got off the phone with him and called my parents, who had just landed in Ireland on vacation.  I had no idea if their phones would be on, but my dad quickly answered.  He began telling me about Ireland and their flights, and dried peas (ha), and I finally interuppted him to tell him that at that exact moment, he was closer to my new son than I was!  I quickly and frantically told him the few details I knew.  He asked me when we would travel, and (since I hadn’t listened to a word our caseworker said) I told him probably 2-3 months for our first trip.

I gathered my thoughts and decided to call our caseworker back to A) apologize for busting her eardrums and B) get more information.  Quickly into our conversation, she said we would “definitely” travel in September.  I freaked out again, and forgot every other question I had for her.  September is 2 weeks away!


So, from Monday to Thursday, I pretty much lived on the cusp of a panic attack.  Shaky hands, racing heart, NO sleep, nausea, no coherent thoughts….just overwhelmed.  Just days before, we told friends that the soonest we expected to hear anything was next summer  or even 2 more years.  I mean, we REALLY had guarded hearts.  I could not have expected a referral any less than I did on Monday, August 17th at 12:30.  I thought of the one million things that I wanted to do/ needed to do/ should be planning/ should be working on/ ect.  Andy had no anxiety; he was just ready to hop on a plane.

Then Friday came, and a calm washed over me.  My dearest friend text me and told me I was “made for this moment.”  I started to get past how surreal it all seemed, and settle into the joy of gathering into our arms an orphan-son.  I have been feeling less overwhelmed, and more elated that this is really happening to us.  God has revealed to us the child we have prayed for, and He is preparing to unite our hearts forever, in a way only He can.

While there are many “important” things to do (like paperwork), I have busied myself with buying books, bedding, balls, stuffed animals, and little boy clothes.  My kids have loved helping pick out things for their new little brother.


Stay tuned…….it’s going to be an amazing journey.





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