No News Is….

No news is good news?  In adoption…..not exactly.  No news is, well, just no news.  In case you have wondered why I haven’t flooded the blog with adoption updates lately, it is because there is nothing to update.

Bulgaria has had some major hiccups lately from the Ministry of Justice being ill and out of the office for a few weeks in March (meaning NO adoption papers were signed and passed on), to the entire country nearly halting adoptions for a re-accredidation they were required to do for during April and May.   That sprinkled with a few holidays AND the upcoming (and dreaded) August SHUT-DOWN  (the one month governement vacation where everything stops and slowly starts again in the fall) has made for little progress.  That said, all of these events are out of our control, so there is no point in getting worked up about them, but it would certainly bring more peace if our agency (and all the others) had referrals flooding in!

Sometimes it feels like the longer we are in the process, the less real it is.  Almost like when people ask us how it is going, we are lying  about ever bringing another child home.  It is a very bizarre situation to be in.  On one hand, I have felt like we were missing a child for 2 years now….in public when I do the child head-count, I am subconsciously always frantic when I can’t find number 4.  Holidays and vacations and the announcements of friends’ pregnancies and births seems to trigger a deep sadness, that we are missing a beautiful and special person in our family.  And yet, because we have no name, no face, no story, no timeline, it is nearly impossible to imagine that it will happen.  And, I find it so difficult to pray for that child specifically because so much is still unknown.

As I said, we started the process 2 years and 2 months ago, and have been officially “waiting” a year and a half. The new trend in Bulgaria (while it was once expected to be an 18-36 month wait for a referral) seems to be more along the lines of 2 and half  to 5 years now for a referral.  This  becomes overwhelming at times, but I trust that God will teach me patience, and the time when we are matched will be so very sweet, that just like with labor and delivery of my other children, the pain will be a distant memory when I hold them in my arms.


And, it’s not ALL bad news.  TODAY is the day that some of my dear adoption friends officially become the parents to their darling 2-year-old Bulgarian boy.  They will pass court and plan to travel and bring him HOME in just a few weeks.  I am also prayerfully waiting with other adoption friends as we hope they will be matched with their sweet Bulgarian baby this month.  I am rejoicing with them, as I know they will rejoice with me one sweet day.

So, for now, no news is no news…..but when it is good news (and someday it will be!) , you’ll be sure to know!


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