May Days

School’s out for the summer!

(I’ll let you in on a little secret:  We’ve actually been done a few weeks, just don’t tell any of my dear teacher friends!)

We had a really fun school year.   Addy learned so much, so quickly this past school year that it still takes me by surprise when I find her reading chapter books in her room or catch a glimpse of her reading to Abe or Cora.  She is sure to tell me the time ALL the time now, and in the grocery store she adds things up in her head to see if she can convince me to buy it because “she has enough money.”  It is a blessing and an honor to watch them meet these leaning milestones and to stand beside them as things suddenly click.  We still love homeschooling, and the kids still seem to love it too!

Here were some of the things we loved about our 2014-2015 School Year:


Our School Room….It is still a place where we love learning!


Fall Field Trips with our Homeschool Group: Apple Orchard!!!


Everyday Learning and Reading


Arts and Crafts

IMG_0076 (3)

Science Experiments


Rock Wall Day



St. Patrick’s Day Party: Learning how to dance a jig.


Valentine’s Day Boxes for our Party



Nope, I’m afraid we didn’t take Martin Luther King Jr. Day off…..but we did learn about him!


Post Office Trip: We learned how our mail gets from one place to the next.

IMG_3800 IMG_3799


IMG_0227 (2) IMG_0225 (2) IMG_0223 (2)

IMG_0226 (2)

On our last day of school, we planned an End-of-the-Year Celebration. Each of the kids went through cookbooks and cooking magazines to choose one item to make themselves (mostly). Cora choose butter biscuits, and Abe decided on a honeydew/cucumber/feta salad which, surprisingly, we all loved! Addy choose mini meatloaves (because nothing says “party” like a loaf of meat). I made them their favorite dessert–angel food cake, and then Addy finished the details by decorating our table. It was a delicious celebration…and may have to become a new tradition!


It was a beautiful year.  I’m already looking forward to having Abe start Kindergarten next year….he is going to love it!  And, as for Addy, well she took one week off and then wanted to start learning to write in cursive!

Happy Summer!!!


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