On Love and 11 Years

About this time 14 years ago, I told Andy I didn’t want to date him because he was like a brother to me.  (Ouch!)  2 weeks later I was driving with my mom to church and informed her that I knew I would marry him.  God works in mysterious ways, and even as I told him I didn’t want to date,  I already knew I could never live a day apart from him.  He was my best friend, the one who made me laugh, and wiped my tears, and treated me more sweetly than I knew possible.

We quickly got engaged and waited 2 (long) years to marry…May 15, 2004.  Today we celebrate 11 years married together, and God has continued to grow our love and faith through one another.  Our journey has taken us near and far, and the memories are too numerous to recount.  But, here are some of my favorites:


Our first summer as youth leaders–we took about 6 middle-schoolers to Agape music festival. We had only been dating a few months. 2001


Engagement Pictures– October 2002


Our beautiful wedding day– May 15, 2004


Honeymoon at St. John USVI–lovely to be married!


Graduation Day for both of us….and our one year anniversary! May 2005


Our first fur-baby (or whatever crazy animal people call them). 2005


One of many beautiful hikes we have taken together– Multnomah Falls, Oregon 2006


Ah, Paris….great memories lounging at the Eiffel Tower, especially when a torrential downpour left us like drowned rats and lost in the middle of the city!


We heart England! –2007


+ Baby #1 2008

IMG_0450 (3)

+Baby #2 2009


+ Baby #3 2012

photo 1 (3)

Pursuing Baby #4…Starting the adoption process 2013


10 Year Anniversary at Grand Canyon 2014


❤ I love living life with this guy. He’s my favorite. ❤



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