A Healing Hand

I was so overwhelmingly blessed by the kind words and prayers that were spoken after my last blog post.  I felt fairly certain that “moving on” and “healing” weren’t going to something that came easily or quickly.  There have still been tears that sneak up on me at moments I least expect them, but the healing that has poured over my family the last 2 weeks has been so sweet.

God has continued to use my family, my children, my marriage, my friends, other adopting families, and the new life of spring to begin mending the wounds and replacing them with hope of the child He does have in store for us in the future.

The afternoon that we realized we couldn’t say move forward was so hard.  Andy came home from work as soon as I had heard from our agency.  We grieved together, and then we started cooking.   We stood in the kitchen together stirring and mixing and seasoning.  Our ears were filled with the sound of our laughing children outside.  After supper, we walked around the pond watching our children chase the dog and ducks, and we sat on the hill  while the kids fed the fish.

Each day since, has been bursting forth with the beauty and hope of spring….for me, a gentle reminder of a loving Father.  A father who doesn’t allow us to go through hardship without a purpose.  I look forward to understanding the purpose and living the story He has written for us.  If it is anything like the rest of His creation, it’s bound to be beautiful!

IMG_0444 IMG_0402 IMG_0387 IMG_0382 IMG_0367 IMG_0360 IMG_0321



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