Life on the Doormat

People often use the terms “God will open or close doors” in certain situations in life, revealing more of His will or purpose for you.  However, we have been living for 3 weeks now on the doormat.  Standing at the door, patiently waiting and seeking– longing to see if God is going to open the door or shut it in our face.  It’s this “doormat” that is so difficult.  This not knowing how a certain situation is going to end up.  Limbo.


Life is easier when it is black and white.  Gray can seem so foggy, and it’s sometimes hard to make sense of.  It’s easy to lose patience and want to do things yourself instead of letting God make the situation beautiful in His time.  Or it’s easier to just give in to fear instead of trusting that He is in control.

It’s as if I think He doesn’t know I am at the door, and so I just keep knocking harder and harder, trying to figure out how to get in on my own.  I’m so very thankful that He doesn’t get annoyed by the pounding, and leave.  Rather,  He knows the waiting is for my own good, and he’s simply, quietly saying through the door,

“I’m coming.”

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.  Worry not……


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