Planning An Adventure

So there’s not been much to report lately.  It’s been cold, life has progressed as normal.  I don’t know if it’s just this time of year that makes me long for a getaway or the fact that I’ve been snowed in with the kids almost 4 days straight…..either way, Andy and I have got the itch to plan our next big adventure.  We are pretty sure it is going to be epic.


We stripped and cleaned the exterior for that Airstream shine!

We bought our 1972 Airstream Land Yacht 2 years ago.  It was the fulfillment of a dream of sorts–before we were ever married we saw one, and vowed to have one someday.  I forgot the “vow” a few minutes after we made it, but Andy didn’t.  When the opportunity arose to buy an Airstream, we saw decades of unforgettable memories on the horizon.  Ironically, our “silver bullet” is the same one my mother-in-law’s father owned.  She spent most of the summers of her childhood in our (her family’s) camper.  I love being able to ask her about all the places it has been!

Some vintage Airstreams you come across are a nightmare (or a “project” depending on your artistic outlook), but ours was in great condition…..out-dated to be sure, but everything worked great.  We have spent the last few springs and summers slowly working on little updates as time allows.


A little “mustard-y,” but oh-so-much potential!


Thus far, we’ve yet to embark on any major updates on the interior…..mostly just some cheap accessories from the Dollar Store!


The project I couldn’t wait to do—re-cover the stinky tweed cushion!


We gave all the logos a fresh paint of the classic “royal blue” paint.

We will have some major projects before this so-called adventure.  Andy is going to custom design and build bunk beds, we are considering ripping out the carpet and laying laminate wood floors, we’ve been wanting to paint the interior, we’ll need to buy a spare tire, and we’ll need to work on maximizing storage space.  Overall, not an incredible amount of money, just a lot of time and work before we can go very far in it….then we’ll hope for the best!

Thus far in our camping life with kids, this has been the scenario:

Endless fun all day long. No naps.  An exhausted Addy, Abe, Andy and Bethany at the end of the day…..and a Cora who cries non-stop for 4 hours and won’t go to sleep in the camper.  Everyone up at 5:30 AM.


So we have made beautiful family memories….and lost a lot of sleep!   It’s been worth it, and we have always known that eventually Cora would be big enough to feel comfortable in the camper.  Well, we think this is the spring.  We are in a window of time right now where Cora is getting easier (did I just say that?!?) and we don’t yet have another “little one” with us.   We have decided this is the perfect opportunity for our first major Airstream Roadtrip!!


Because every good vacation needs a binder!

Much more to come on all this fun!


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