Sweet Dreams

Last night we watched Despicable Me.  Yes, the first one.  Yes, we are a few years behind.

As I finished reading and singing to Abe before bed, he said, “Mom, remember the part of the movie where Mr. Gru wouldn’t read the girls a bedtime story?  I bet my brother or sister doesn’t get a bedtime story right now either.”

I responded, “You’re right buddy.  We will have to read them a lot of stories when they get home.  Lots of singing and snuggling and reading.”

“Yeah.  Mom, I think we will bring home a 3 year old sister with long hair, and a 2 year old brother.  (Thinking)  He will be probably be too little for me to play a lot of things with him.  I think he would probably like to sit on the ground and roll a ball back and forth though.  I’ll do that.”

As I rocked Abe, we talked about the hard stories his brother(s)/sister(s) are living right now.  We dreamed about bringing them home.



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