Blessings 19

November 19- My Superhero Brother-In-Law


Today I watched weight lifting for 3 hours.  Am I a huge fan of weight lifting? Nope.  But, I am a fan of my brother-in-law.

As a teenager, he was diagnosed with cancer, and after much fighting and a surgery to replace part of his knee and bone marrow with titanium, he went into remission.  Fast forward through many post-cancer set-backs to two years ago.  The bone holding the titanium was no longer strong enough to continue serving his body, and he made the decision that it was time to amputate.  This was a time of much strain, stress, and weariness for himself and his family.  On multiple occasions, he was rushed to Chicago with infections that nearly cost him his life.

But (praise Jesus!) that wasn’t God’s plan for him.  He recovered and re-learned how to walk on a prosthetic leg.

So today, I watched him set the world record in Las Vegas for his division in bench press.  A “meager” 336 pounds.

My kids love their Uncle “Bab.”  They are convinced that he is half robot/ half superhero….and I think he’s pretty great too.  Today I am thankful for his testimony of faith and perseverance.



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