Blessings- 13

November 13- The Ugly Beautiful

Sometimes I feel suffocated under all the grime.  Sometimes the mounted laundry and the cloudy, finger-printed windows, and the dishes are too much.  It’s enough to send me into a spiraling fog that won’t lift….or if it does, it comes right back after the next meal is prepared, and the aftershock is left on the table once again.  But for the past year, I have been fighting the fog….trying to see more beauty in it.  

I read Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts a year and a half ago, and her beautiful description of the “Eucharisteo” life is never far from my thoughts.  It truly helped shape the way I want to view my life.  She says this about the filth in our life:

…somewhere, underneath the grime of this broken world, everything has the radiant fingerprints of God on it. With Jesus eyes, we have the astonishing opportunity to daily love the unlovely into loveliness.

She calls this the “Ugly Beautiful.”  Today I am thankful for my ugly beautiful.  My kitchen is destroyed, almost not a clean dish left to use.  But I am grateful because I have used this kitchen the last two days to enjoy my children’s laughter over cinnamon rolls, and delight in conversation with an old friend over lunch, and sit across from my husband as spaghetti hands wiped themselves all over our shirt collars.  This dirty kitchen made way for a cooked chicken and my great-grandma’s dumplins– mixed together with little hands with flour pouring onto the floor.  Later today, more mess will be scooted aside for a gift of apples to be sliced and poured into pie crusts.  And we will eat and laugh and give thanks that the Lord has provided.  

And at some point, we will clean it all up.


It deserves noting that this is only one section of my ugly beautiful. The table, island and floor are filled with it too.


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