November 9- God’s Faithfulness in Growing Planted Seeds

This morning was a great blessing as a parent.  Our baby, Addy Rose, got baptized.  Is there a greater joy than knowing your child–the one God has given to you to train up–believes in His Son Jesus Christ and wants the world to know it?!  We pray that we can plant seeds in the hearts of our children, and that God would reveal how real He is to them, and He answered that prayer this morning.  

Funny, I used to always think every Christian had this “moment” of conversion, and that each believer could pinpoint the exact time they became a Christian.  It wasn’t until we had Addy I began to realize that for some the faith doesn’t come in a “moment” or an event, but for some it is always believed, there is no reason to doubt.  Addy has never doubted that Jesus saved her soul.  Will she someday?  Absolutely.  Will she have to grow up and experience more of life to grasp the sin He actually saved her from?  Of course.  But, in no way does that negate the fact that with her whole heart she loves Him and wants to tell the world.  She has had the desire to be baptized for close to a year now, and we always discussed it with her, but never brought it up or rushed it.  In fact, probably the opposite.  However 2 weeks ago, out of the blue, as we were driving down the road, she said, “Mom and Dad…I’m serious.  I REALLY want to be baptized!”  Ask her why…… because she “loves Jesus and He saved her life.”

God has great things in store for this compassionate, giggly girl, and I am so thankful He lets me be her mom.





2 thoughts on “Blessings-9

    • Bethany says:

      Thank you Valissa! I agree! With her compassionate heart and desire to “make people feel better,” God can use her for His glory to further His kingdom!

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