November 8- My Chickens

About 6 years ago, with no experience with poultry, I told Andy I wanted chickens.  I think he thought I was kidding, and he said, “Well, get some.”  A few weeks later I loaded up baby Addy and my mom (for moral support) and then loaded about 10 hens into my van into some sort of antique chicken carrier Grandpa Sutton loaned me.  I’m pretty sure he had a bit of a smirk on his face as he helped me hoist it into my vehicle.  I came home with 10 hens, no coop, no chicken food, and dreams of my own little happy flock of chickens.  Andy let me dream and built a makeshift coop in our old shed.  We had so much fun watching Addy chase the chickens, and really enjoyed the eggs that came soon after.

Since then, Andy, his dad, and Abe built a proper chicken coop that we love.  Our chickens live a happy life, and they are always the prime attraction with kids at every gathering we host.  I love seeing the kids joyfully bring me their brown and blue eggs, and we use them to make a mean angel food cake!  After 6 years, we’ve had to kill a couple of spunky chickens, but have never butchered one to eat.  Until today.  I have had it in my mind for the past few weeks to butcher some of our roosters, and attempt to make something edible out of their (less-tender) meat.  Andy and I worked together this morning catching two roosters, killing them, and then experimenting with our first skinning/plucking/ cleaning adventure.  I loved it all…..except the intestines……I wish no intestines were involved.  With the guidance of Andy’s dad, who has helped clean hundreds of chickens in his life, we successfully got one chicken in the fridge and one in the soup pot.  It was actually incredibly rewarding to know that we hatched this chick, raised it, and that now we are able to eat it.  It definitely made me appreciate how my chicken gets to my table more!  

Today’s chicken adventure is going to help us celebrate the month’s biggest blessing tomorrow after church!


Our first little flock


3 Generations working on the coop


This springs hatch


My little Penny Jo




White Chicken Chili


2 thoughts on “Blessings-8

  1. Misty Welch says:

    I love it! I feel like this post is exactly how life is supposed to be! Now, can I just buy a farm-raised already butchered chicken from you?? 🙂

  2. Bethany says:

    Ha! No way! Andy and I were just talking about how you can buy a fryer chicken at the store for $4. Buddy, if I sold one after that much work, I’d charge a minimum of $30! Makes me not want to complain about the price of groceries…..somebody is working hard to grow and raise the food on my table! But I can get you some cute chicks in the spring…..that gives you a good 5 months to get a coop! 😉

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