My Very Own Boxcar Children

I’ve always wanted to raise readers…  I dream of having bookworms.  There is no better way (in my opinion) to be a life-long learner than to devour books.  I always enjoyed reading, but I definitely had to grow into my love of reading.  Lately I’ve discovered, that the best way to raise readers is to always have books readily available, and to engage with them in the books.  Addy is well on her way to being able to read by herself, but most chapter books would be too frustrating for her right now.  For the past 9 months, Andy and I have begun to read  larger books to them.  So far, the kids have enjoyed books like: Charlotte’s Web, Wind and the Willows, The Mouse and the Motorcyle, Runaway Ralph, The Magic Tree House Book #1, The Bears on Hemlock Mountain, and now…..The Boxcar Children.

Each of these books have left my kiddos begging for more……a cliff hanger at the end of a chapter can result in disastrous meltdowns…..and that kind of makes me happy.  As we are slowly making our way through the first book in the Boxcar Children, I’ve discovered a new sense of exploration with my kiddos.  In the afternoons, they have asked to go outside, at which point they disappear.  After a few afternoons of this, I realized they had been working on something around the barn.  Once this realization was made, it became clear that my children have become the Boxcar children.  They now believe they are orphaned siblings–on their own and responsible for creating shelter, food,safety,  and money to survive.

This is the hideout I stumbled across today when reigning them in:


Their very own “boxcar.”  This houses their coats, backpacks, and Abe’s homemade laptop.


They also have a secret loft in their boxcar, which they have turned into beds.  They didn’t have access to pine needles like Jessie, Henry, Violet, and Benny, so hay was the next best thing.


Every good hideout is complete with booby-traps….


Newly-orphaned children get hungry, and are apparently  forced to dig for small onions to make a stew with.  Good thing they have a “Watch” to keep guard as they leave the hideout!

                      IMG_3110[1]             IMG_3089[1]


This last one isn’t necessarily a stretch for normal life….


“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air is softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.

– Elizabeth Lawrence



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