Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

We have the sweetest AGCI caseworker ever.  Every time I talk to her, I feel like she is my own person cheerleader in adoption.  This journey can be long and drawn out, and every once in a while you need someone in your corner saying, “You can do this…it’s going to be awesome….God had GREAT things in store for you and your child!  Hang in there!”  So…..this post is per her request.  Hoping she can use it to make other  AGCI families smile, and that maybe other families who are waiting or already have children at home, can join us in learning this simple, fun song in Bulgarian.  So, without further ado….here is “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” by my kiddos.




For those wanting to learn–here’s the way each word sounds:

Head- Glava

Shoulders- Ramena

Knees- Kolena

Toes- Prusti Na Kra Kata

Eyes- Ochi

Ears- Ooshi

Mouth- Usta

Nose- Nos

We aren’t the best singers, but we have fun….and as silly as this little song is, we pray it might be a comfort to the child we bring home…to hear familiar sounds in a new and unfamiliar environment!


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