A Normal Week With Children

Things that should not be “normal” suddenly are when you parenting more than one toddler or child.  Here’s a running list of “normal” things in my life this week…don’t judge, you know you have “normal” kids too!

  1. Apple cores in the couch
  2. Toothpaste all over the counter
  3. A pee-puddle on the front step…twice.
  4. Red Sharpie on the walls
  5. Red Sharpie on small feet
  6. Red Sharpie on the cream carpet
  7. (Red Sharpie  on  _____fill in the blank____)
  8. “Mom, today I sucked on a worm.”  Why? And, gag.
  9. 17 shoes in the yard
  10. The “wrong” answers to the caseworker’s discipline questions during the homestudy update. (I hope she knows this is “normal.”)
  11. My missing cell phone buried in the dirt under the swing set. Hmmm????
  12. A Ziplock bag filled with water and apple seeds
  13. A new bouquet of yellow mum branches….yes, every branch from my new yellow mum.
  14. A two-year-old- sitting on the counter with a gallon bag of parade candy at 6:40 AM
  15. A chicken with a helmet on.  Okay, really that was me and Andy, not the kids.  But, to our defense, it wouldn’t have been “normal” without kids involved.
  16. 16 shoes in the van.
  17. An exciting discovery of milk curd in a week old sippy cup.  You know you’ve been there.
  18. A masterpiece –a mountain drawn on computer paper–then glued…..GLUED….to the wall.
  19. A bouquet of beautiful sneeze-worthy weeds gracing my kitchen table.
  20. No shoes in closets. ???



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