Gifts From My Children

My children aren’t perfect.  I know– you’re shocked.  But I can assure, they bicker and disobey and act hatefully and throw massive fits.  Despite the fact they are “normal” (I use the term loosely!) kids, they teach me abundantly about the Lord.  Every. Single. Day.  Lately, they have reminded me of the Lord’s gifts.

I like to give gifts.  Anytime a birthday or Christmas approaches, I painstakingly rack my brain for that “perfect” gift idea.  And I do love watching people receive the gifts, anticipating that they will somehow be blessed by them.  However, this is nothing in comparison to the way my children give gifts.  They don’t wait until a holiday to bless others with their gifts.  At times, it seems they spend every moment (before/after school and not sleeping) making gifts to bless the hearts of others.  I can no longer count the times Andy and I have come to bed to find a little envelope inscribed with “MOM” or “DAD” laying on our pillow.  At least a few times a week one of them will disappear for an hour and return with a beaded necklace or bracelet in the recipient’s favorite colors.  They color a dozen pictures for me a day and present them as a most cherished present.  They make things for each other, for me, and for other people outside our family.  They just LOVE to give gifts.


Gift from Addy- She and Cora swinging


This was an unused Christmas card she found. “Dear Mommy, It is going to get cold soon even though you don’t like it.”


Cora’s first ever masterpiece…she kept drawing “eyes” until she ended up with this!


My kids have learned that Mommy always likes flowers.


“Dear Cora, I am sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better soon. I love you.” -From Addy


Addy made a bracelet for Abe in all his favorite colors and then wrapped it with his favorite wrapping paper, followed by a gift bag. He wore it proudly the rest of the day.


More precious than pearls.


Just a few of the bracelets from THIS week!

 So these are all gifts just from the last few DAYS.  I mean, seriously, the kids love to shower people with gifts.  And the real kicker…..they never expect anything in return.  They don’t hand over the gift and then say, “Now what are you gonna give me?”  They don’t do it out of obligation, they do it out of love.  Sounds sort of like someone else I know.

God LOVES to bless His people.  Daily, if your eyes are open to His love, you can see His blessings in your life.  They come at times when you least expect it, they come often, and they come from LOVE.  Even in troubled times, flowers still bloom, the sun still rises, and hope still lives on.  God showers us with these things–more than we ever know–and He doesn’t say, “Now what are you going to do for me?”  He simply reminds that “My grace –my precious gift of grace–is enough.”

I’ve noticed that with God’s gifts and my children’s gifts I often take them for-granted.  I don’t give the thanks that is due, I may even consider in my sinful heart some of the gifts worthless–trash.  I may not see their beauty and full potential.  But the beautiful thing is these gift givers who were made by the Gift Giver, give on.


 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

James 1:17



4 thoughts on “Gifts From My Children

    • Bethany says:

      That is SO beautiful! What a wonderful thing to be when you “grow up!” Children can teach us so much about the heart of Christ!

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