Throwback Thursday: A Look back at God’s Faithfulness

To the outsider, I don’t have a very exciting testimony.  “I was lost, and now I’m found,” may not necessarily put people on the edge of their seat.  That’s okay, it changed my world.

I didn’t have an overnight conversion.  I look back now and see God’s slow steady hand pulling me nearer to Him.  My first memories of God include a little girl, barely old enough to read and write, hiding in my downstairs closet writing a song of praise song.  (I can vaguely remember some of the lyrics going something like this, “Even in a car wreck, He’s still there.” Hey, you gotta start somewhere.)

I can remember riding home from VBS with my best friend form elementary school asking her what I had to do to be saved. Another year or so, and I can remember swiping a brochure off a church table at the state fair about how to know Jesus.

A few years later, right before starting high school, my best friend invited me to church camp with her.  This was when God truly began to reveal His realness to me.  It was no longer about religion, it was about Jesus–a man.  Church camp gave me older mentors and teachers who showed me what a beautiful life of Christ could look like.  They made me realize I wasn’t alone in this.  But, aside from God drawing me to Him during these years, He also always had other blessings in store during these summers….






After my senior year, God sent me to Bulgaria.  Before I left I told that guy in the picture that I did not love him and did not want to date him.  But then to ease the blow of those words, I added, “But I’m sure God could change my heart.” (Oh, the irony.)  I proceeded to go to Bulgaria, and here is what I would tell that girl sitting on the highest building in Varna:



“You know all those things you thought you knew about the world and about other people?  You have no idea… don’t know everything and you are not any less of a sinner than them.  Remember that guy you just told you didn’t love?  You are going to fall madly in love with him in a few weeks and know you could never live life without him.  The two of you are going to have adventures unlike any other, and then three precious babies are going to become the adventure.  Then, someday (before you know it) God is going to send you on the craziest adventure yet, and He is going to bring you back to the very soil you are standing on to find your next baby.  Here in this beautiful land, with it’s beautiful children, delicious food, and breathtaking coast–here is where one of your children will be born.”

So my “throwback Thursday” is a reflection on God’s faithfulness in my life.  THAT is my testimony…..and it keeps ME on the edge of my seat!

Remember the marvels He has done….He is the Lord our God!

Psalm 105:5,7


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