When life gives you lemons…

So, while I had a fantastic time meeting Amber (the adopting mom from Robinson) at the Bounce for Bulgaria, Addy had fun with her 6 year-old daughter, Capri.  Capri had just had a lemonade stand to raise money for the Maria Luisa roof project, in which she raised over $700!  The day after the bounce, Addy asked what we were doing. “No plans today, Addy, anything you want.”

“I want to do a lemonade stand. Today.”

So let me confess that my first split-second response wanted to be something like, “Addy, we just did the bounce event, people are probably pretty tired of hearing about it, we’ve done our “thing.”  But before those yucky words left my mouth I realized “We’ve done our “thing” really meant ‘I’ve done my thing’,”  and Addy knew that while she couldn’t plan a bounce event or design t-shirts, she COULD sell lemonade.  She wanted to do HER “thing.”  So after a few minutes of convincing her that it would take a bit more planning, she conceded to do it later in the week, in a different county.  She found my phone, scrolled down, confirmed that Papa’s name is Vince, and had this conversation with my dad.

Papa, can I have a lemonade stand at your house on Wednesday for Bulgaria?



She and Abe worked on posters all week, and Wednesday we spent the entire day at my mom and dad’s house visiting and squeezing lemons.  My sister and her family got involved too, and before we knew the whole house smelled lemony!


My wonderful extended family members came for a glass (whether or not  it was entirely convenient) and a few sweet neighbors stopped by as well.  She had her moments of boredom waiting for cars to stop, but loved making a glass for each person that came (all by herself).




Abe and Cora also helped out by waving and smiling at all the cars that went by.  (Honestly, I don’t know how a person COULDN’T stop, with these adorable kids waving them in!)





Altogether, Addy made over $100 at the lemonade stand putting another 10 tiles on the roof in Buzovgrad!

To date (with more donations still coming in) the donations have reached:


It’s unbelievable. Thank you!


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