Favorite Things of June

We have had such a great start to summer…just the right amount of work and play.  Here’s a look back at my favorite blessings from June (through a camera lens).

photo 1 (21)

Just a’floatin’ at NewNaw’s lake

photo 4 (1)

Playing “hot watermelon” in the camper

photo 3 (11)

Great Cardinal tickets and meeting some of Andy’s work friends

photo 2 (22)

Chuck Wagon rides with Papa Mitchell on a hot day

photo 1 (20)

Piggly Wiggly


Finally finishing a project in the Airstream….more on this later!!!!


A fantastic Bible School week!!!!

photo (32)

My “big” girl picking almost 6 gallons of green beans with me and helping me snap them all!

photo (35)

Oh my….I had always wanted to try Margherita Pizza, and with our garden tomatoes and basil and garlic and oregano, I finally did. It was maybe the best thing ever.



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