My Camera Came Home

My camera hasn’t been happy ever since Andy and I got home from the Grand Canyon.  I think it probably had something to do with all the sweat, extreme temperatures, and red dirt it got exposed to.  So, I had to send it off, and pay a bazillion dollars + tax to get it fixed.  It finally came home this week, and I wanted it to feel appreciated.  Every season of every year, I love walking around the yard and snapping photos of the beautiful things I see.  I capture the same tiger lilies, same creatures and trees and water every time, but it always seems new when you take the time to stop and appreciate it.  This weekend I decided to stroll around the yard, relieve some stress, and capture some things I find beautiful.  These things ooze of summertime around my house….


The kids had an idea for outdoor “forts.”


My little man writing an epic novel


This is the only cat I like, but I like her a lot.


Partners in Crime


My first Canna getting ready to bloom!



A lily from my Mother-in-Law for Mother’s Day this year!





The “little” ducklings we hatched this year. It’s so sweet…we walk out to the pond and holler for them, and we can hear them answer by quacking and swimming to us as fast as they can.


You are welcome to call this a weed, I will not.

At this point in my photo adventure, Abe (who was supposed to be resting in his room) spotted me.

Whatcha doing Mom?

‘Taking pictures of beautful things.’

“Take a picture of me, Mom.”

Beautiful buddy.

So, we joined efforts in searching out beauty…..he found things for me to take pictures of, and I did.  Here’s what we found….


My sweet boy


Abe’s Dumptruck


The popcorn he and Daddy planted


Our garden brings us such immense joy as a family in the summers


Abe’s favorite garden activity–picking squash and eating cherry tomatoes!


For those of you who followed my “Penny Jo” hatching saga on Facebook, here she is….all grown up. Abe thought we needed a picture of her, so he took it! 🙂


At any given time, I can find at least one child in the raspberry patch this time of year. Andy planted 40 red raspberry plants a few year ago, and the rest is delicious history!


7 years of dreaming about turning our back pasture into an orchard + 3 years of planting, tending, pruning and loving on the trees, and we have our first apples and plums beginning to grow!!!!

So, that’s it….a grand tour of sorts of my backyard.  We love living here.  It has it’s major disadvantages– 20 minutes to the store, an hour to restuarants that don’t start with Mc, occasional isolation from the outside world–but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.  We live within 20 miles of all our family, we live less than 5 miles from church,  my father-in-law’s farm is in sight and he can be at my house within minutes of any catastrophe (I have encountered many, many catastrophes the past 10 years ), we have the beautiful opportunity and space to grow beautiful things that also feed us.  Life really is beautiful when we slow down to live it!


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