Gems for our Kids

So, I mentioned last time, that I wanted to write about our favorite kids’ books.  We have noticed with having three children who are 6 and under, that there are zillions of children’s books, and the majority of them are completely ridiculous.  It seems that because it is going to be looked at by children, there is not always an attempt for content, creativity or artistic appreciation.  However, we have had the joy of stumbling across some true gems for our children, and I want to share them with other parents who are sick of reading the same (terrible) book for the hundredth time.  Here are some beautiful, inspiring, cute books that moms and dads WON’T get tired of reading!


The Jesus Storybook Bible- Sally Lloyd Jones

When Addy got big enough for us to start reading a bible to her, we came across this one.  It had just been released, and we knew it was the children’s bible for us.  The effort taken into making captivating, beautiful, artistic illustrations was one thing, but every single story in this little Bible tells the story of Jesus.  It helps kids realize that the WHOLE Bible is about Jesus, not just the New Testament!  We love it, and recommended it to our church…now all of the children own a copy as well as many kids in our community as a result of an outreach program!  In some ways, it may help you view your own Bible with  a new perspective.


Miss Fannie’s Hat

One of our favorite activities is perusing books at our local library book sale.  They are usually all 10 cents to a quarter, and we love coming home with 30 new books for under $3.00!  We grabbed this one a year or two ago.  Addy and I read it, and it instantly became our favorite book!  It wasn’t until months later that I made the connection that this sweet book is by the same author of the Mitford series I mentioned as one of my favorites!  This book is about a little 100-year-old lady “who has grown to be about the size she was as a little girl.”  She has dozens of fancy hats she wears to church, and she must choose which one to donate to her church auction.  It is so so sweet, and Miss Fannie reminds us that “with God all things are possible!”



Billy and Blaze Books

We began to have an abundance of “girl” books a few years ago, and needed something good for Abe to begin reading.  We had heard about this Billy and Blaze series–the stories of a little boy named Billy and the adventures he had with his horse, Blaze.  These were written in the 1930s, and more than anything we loved A.W. Anderson’s illustrations of horses and landscapes.  We have invested in buying quite a few of these, and have checked out many others at the library.  Abe almost always gets one for his birthday or Easter or Valentine’s Day, and he gets SO excited.  In one of the stories, Billy has to cut through some overgrown vines with his pocket knife, and Abe always stops us to tell us when he gets big, he will carry a pocket knife too!  Again, we treasure these books!


Miss Rumphius

This was the book we got for Addy for Christmas this year.  It is a delightful book about a lady who wants to do something to make the world more beautiful, but she finds herself getting older and hasn’t done anything to accomplish her goal.  She plants a few lupine flowers at her house one spring, and the next year lupines start popping up everywhere.  She then realizes her mission to make the world more beautiful, and works hard at it until the end of her life.  This book also has beautiful illustrations, and it inspired us to plant lupines this year!!


Sidney and Norman: A Tale of Two Pigs

Oh, Sidney and Norman….if ever there was a children’s book that could bring an adult to tears (seriously, I have seen 3 grown people cry reading this book).  This is a story of a pig who has it all together and life is very easy for him, and a pig who tries very hard but is overwhelmed at his inadequacies.  They both receive a letter from God on the same day requesting their presence.  He has something to tell both of them.  What he tells them could change your life forever.


The Year at Maple Hill Farm

This was a book we purchased for school this year.  It is a fun book that takes you through each month on a farm.  It tells what each month feels like and looks like for the various animals.  My kids love reading it and comparing it to what is happening on our little farm….chickens molting in June? Yes!  Deer in the orchard in September? Yes!  It has great, vintage-looking illustrations, and my kids beg to read it over and over.

These are our all-time favorite gems thus far in our children’s lives.  We are also excited to be entering a time of reading longer chapter books to our children and sharing those memories as well.  Andy recently read Charlotte’s Web to Addy, and they had they greatest time discussing what they were fact, she will tell you that is her favorite!  Each of these books cost less than $10, and I promise you will get your money’s worth!!!!  Please share if you have any gems in your collection!!!


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