From Addy’s Point of View

I was sorting through some photos on the computer today, when I ran across a folder named “Addy’s Camera.”  Now, Addy Rose, in her 6 short years, has gone through more cameras than I have in 31 years, but the girl gets an itch to take pictures and can’t be stopped.  We have gone through 3 cheapo cameras that essentially take terrible pictures, but good enough to appease her until she’s more responsible and can take care of a nicer camera. I got so tickled looking through this folder, as well as the new pictures she has taken.  How interesting it is to look through the eyes of a child at what they find beautiful or interesting.  Here are some of my favorites.

Note:  The picture quality is terrible, images are blurry, and she’s got some work framing a picture, but my daughter has a great eye! hehe

Digital Camera

Location: Probably headed to WalMart in the minivan –Subject: Happy, warm baby Cora

Digital Camera

Clifford and baby Jessie snuggling

Digital Camera

Friendly box turtle making his way across the yard

Digital Camera

Peeking Baby Jessie

Digital Camera

Addy’s first “selfie” with her cousin and best friend Kate

Digital Camera

Subject: Abe—Location: Yep, you guessed it-the bathroom.

Digital Camera

Addy’s favorite dolls: Shola and Mozi- I love that their arms are around each other.  Nice detail.


A zoo peacock…and why did I let her get this close?


A cooling cake caught her eye!


Bubby in mid-flight.


A corn field on our walk…nice sun flare.


The only two boys she’s allowed to love.


Confirms she is patriotic..and trespassing our neighbor’s yard.


Daddy getting home from work…her favorite moment of EVERY day.


Can you say “Preggo?!”

Digital Camera

She loves my new chalkboard saying because she can read it by herself!

Digital Camera

A picture of her little, messy, cheesing sissy.


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