Her Children Will Rise Up and Call Her Blessed

Oh, darn you, Proverbs 31 woman…you always come sneaking up on us around this time of year.  Mother’s Day.  She sure did have her act together, that Proverbs lady.  Can’t remember her accomplishments?  Here’s an abbreviated list:

  • Excellent wife -v.10
  • Does good for her husband- v.12 (Grumbling probably isn’t good.)
  • Works with willing hands – v.13
  • Brings exotic food into the home- v. 14 (Does canned pineapple count?)
  • Rise early to prepare her household for the day- v.15 (You mean she didn’t wait until all her children were pulling her covers off, shaking her and demanding to be fed?)
  • Dabbles in real estate- v.16
  • Works out (wait, it actually says “dresses with strength and makes her arms strong”…working out may be an exaggeration!)-v.17
  • Stays up late working-v.18 (Does staying up late to watch TV count?)
  • Helps the poor and needy-v.20
  • Makes blankets- v. 22 (I’ve done that!)
  • Sells her crafts- v.24
  • Embraces the future with laughter- v.25
  • Is wise and kind- v.26
  • She is not lazy -v.27 (ugh.)

I look at the list, and am overwhelmed.  I trust in my heart this isn’t God’s checklist for women–not the requirements He sets before us that we cannot attain.  I am fairly certain in my heart that the model woman in Proverbs 31 had hard days, she grew weary, likely even threw her hands up from time to time and cried, “I can’t do it all.”

Boy, I’ve been there.  I can’t do it all.  Not enough hours or energy in the day to get it ALL done.  This is, of course, the mantra of the mom.  I can’t get it all done.  But, there is one other attribute listed in the Proverbs that I believe is the one that matters the most–that without it, none of the other attributes amount to anything.  Look to verse 30:


She knows and fears the Lord.  Her identity is not in what time she gets up, or how much she accomplished that day.  Her worth is not found in the vineyard she bought and planted.  Her focus is not on getting those “strong arms,”  or fighting off wrinkles.  Rather she works unto the Lord.  Whatever situation and opportunities God places before her, she glorifies Him with her time, her resources, her family, and her abilities.

After years of feeling frustration that the Proverbs 31 woman isn’t attainable for me, I am now able to embrace her.  Look at what God can do with a woman who devotes herself to Him!  Perhaps if I can say, “Here I am, Lord, use me,” then He can do anything.

One last verse that I love in this section of “Mother’s Day verses is found in verse 28,

Her children rise up and call her blessed;
    her husband also, and he praises her:

It is easy for anyone to see that I am one very blessed wife and mother, so, so blessed.  I do not know why God has seen fit to bless me with the husband and children I have, but I am grateful.


3 of my Blessings

As we approach Mother’s Day weekend, I need  to share how blessed I am with a loving, helpful mother too.  I realized after I had my first baby that I never appreciated my mother for all she has done for me throughout my life.  She has been a source of help and love as I entered motherhood myself. (Happy Mother’s Day MOM! I love you!)


My Momma and Baby Me

As I conclude this “mommy-post,” I feel it appropriate to acknowledge that this isn’t the season of life that everyone finds themselves in.  Mother’s Day weekend, for so many, is a time of grief over the loss of a mother, a child, a sister, the loss of a dream to be a mother or a wife.  I pray that if you aren’t able to find yourself in the “season” you had hoped to be in, that you would trust that your identity is in the Lord–that He has a plan for you, He knows your dreams, your loss, your weariness.  Trust that He is good, and has not forgotten you.  “Your times are in His hands.” (Psalm 31:15)


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