The Apparent Project- Round 2!

As I mentioned in the last post, I was so incredibly blessed to partner with the Apparent Project ministry last year.  Their jewelry makes the phrase “trash into treasure” an understatement.  The quality and beauty of their paper beads is remarkable.  I ordered a crate of 150 last year to help raise funds for the men and women who work at Apparent Project  while also raising over $600 towards our adoption fees.  The bracelets sold in less than 2 weeks.  I could not believe it.

At the beginning of the year, our adoption agency informed us about an orphanage in desperate need of repairs.  Maria Luisa Orphanage is home to severe special needs children.  The roof is leaking and producing mold. Beams are rotting and buckling. Roof tiles are broken. Without repair, the roof could collapse. City inspectors have shut down this building which leaves no room for therapy for orphans.   Our agency is sponsoring the “Raise the Roof”  fundraiser to help raise $28,500 to repair the building.


Two years ago the orphanage raised enough money to purchase new roof tiles but not enough to install them. Meanwhile, a 25% cut in government funding left the orphanage without the funds to complete the project. For two years the tiles have been sitting on pallets in the orphanage courtyard. As the packing deteriorates, tiles are falling, breaking and creating a safety hazard for the children.


So, my fellow adoptive-friend Courtney and I have decided to combine efforts to raise money for this project.  We are starting by joining again with the Apparent Project–this time selling bracelets, necklaces AND earrings!!!  We both received them today in the mail, and they are even more beautiful than the first time!  For those of you that bought bracelets last time, you probably have one that is fairly neutral in color, well, this time they are bright, bold and colorful!!  Check it out:


The AP necklaces are made from recycled steel drums, cereal box beads and aluminum cans. They each have “FAITH, HOPE, LOVE or JOY” inscribed on them.




Colorful bracelets that tell a story!

So the prices (half of which goes to our cause and half to Apparent Project artisans) are as follows:

Bracelets- $8 each

Neckaces- $12 each

Earrings- $6

If Courtney and I both sell our crate we will have raised over $1500 towards our  cause!  (Not to mention other ideas in the works!)  I am not a sales person, and never thought I’d be trying to get people to buy something, but this ministry has touched a cord with me and I see God’s hand moving in Haiti AND in Bulgaria!  As a side note my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are adopting from Haiti which makes these bracelets even more precious!)

Last little tid-bit of information to leave you with…

$10 pays for one tile to be laid;

$100 pays for 10 tiles

$1500 (the amount we hope to raise from this endeavor) will do an entire row and a half!

Thank you all for supporting us so far, and feel free to “place your order” with Courtney McArthy or myself.  We will both be happy to ship them to you if we can’t get them to you in person! And, to learn more about Maria Luisa Orphanage, click here.


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