Exciting Opportunities are Coming!

The families that are adopting from Bulgaria through All God’s Children International Agency recently learned about an orphanage that is beginning to collapse in Buzovgrad, Bulgaria.  It is called the Maria Luisa Orphanage, and it is a home for approximately 105 special needs children.  Some of the conditions include infantile cerebral paralysis, hydrocephalus, microcephalia, inborn malformations, genetic diseases, delay in the mental development and others.  For many of the children at Maria Luisa, it will be their first and last home.  One third of the building has had the roof cave in, and this happens to be the area where the children used to receive their therapy.  No roof= no therapy.


Our dear friends, the McArthys are also adopting from Bulgaria, and Courtney and I are going to be teaming up our families to try and raise the roof on Maria Luisa.  The estimated cost of fixing the building (water damage, roof, structural issues) is approximately $28,000.  We don’t expect to raise it all on our own, but we know every $10 pays to lay a tile on the roof.  (The tiles have been purchased previously, but they remain useless in crates outside the orphanage walls.)



So, we want to let you know about some exciting opportunites we are going to be having for you to all be a part of this great ministry…..here is just a glimpse:

  • New bracelets AS WELL AS necklaces AND earrings from Apparent project.  Andy and I had such success and were so blessed through Apparent Project’s ministry in November that we have decided to get more bracelets.  The great news is since November, they now have necklaces and earrings to purchase as well…all benefiting Haitian women AND Bulgarian orphans!  So many people have asked me in the last few months if I still had any of these beautiful bracelets, so if you are one of those people….I should have them in about 3 weeks!


  • BOUNCE for BULGARIA:  We are planning a summer event at a bouncy house facility to raise funds…..stay posted!
  • We are considering some giveaways–possibly a weekend stay at New Harmony Inn or Cardinals tickets!
  • And a bake sale!

All of these things are in the works, so stay posted…..exciting opportunities are coming.  Also, I will share more about the Maria Luisa Orphanage in coming weeks!


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