Holy Thursday

The last few days, I’ve been trying to spend more time sharing with the kids about the ministry and life of Christ and why this week is so important to us.  Without this week, this Easter, our lives and faith would be a lie.  Everything we believe and strive for would be in vain.

We have studied in their Storybook Bible about how Jesus was a King, and yet He never acted the way we think a king should.  He was a Servant King, always seeking out the needs of others and meeting those needs.  He came not to be served, but to serve.  Not in riches, but in rags.  Not with the sword of battle, but with a sword of peace and salvation.

And, as he met with His friends at that Last Supper, on this Holy Thursday, he looked at them (and at us) and said things like, “Do this.  Remember me.  Wash each other’s feet.  I have given you an example.  Do as I have done.”   He is telling us to serve each other–serve other believers, serve non-believers, serve the orphan and the widow, the least of these.

I know I’m not the only mom who struggles with this calling.  Many conversations with other mommas remind me that I am not alone in thinking that I don’t serve enough.  We find ourselves stretched thin between managing a home, a quiver of kids,  a husband, and other responsibilities….and we live in guilt of suddenly not being able to “serve.”  I have begun to realize though, moms, this is serving.  This is still answering Christ’s call.  I believe it is a season, and that it isn’t the only serving we should strive for, but I believe (for myself) at this season, it is what serving looks like…although it disguises itself as washing dishes, changing dirty diapers, washing dirty feet (and bodies), curling up and reading a story, cooking a warm meal, and washing clothes.  My hope is that as I serve my children during this season, that I am training them up with a firm foundation and equipping them to be able to serve with Andy and I when they are a little older.

I still find myself in times of frustration though (when I refuse to accept grace), and get caught up in the “not doing enough” mentality.  Here is where I find hope….that here, on this Holy Thursday, right before Jesus was handed over to those who would crucify him, he went to the garden and he prayed…..for me.  In the moments leading up to His death, His thoughts were on those who would follow Him and believe throughout history, that we would be unified and see God’s glory.  As I read these verses from John 17: 20-26, I noticed He stresses the word “love” 5 times.  As he was headed to the cross, He wanted me to know He loved me and was serving me.  In His final acting of serving others, He wanted us to know it was all because of LOVE.  What a mighty and worthy Servant King we follow, let us serve Him and His people with the glory He deserves!


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Lord Jesus Christ, you knelt to wash from our feet the dirt out of which You made us.  Teach us to humbly serve one another so that the world may know we are your disciples. Amen.

Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals


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