It’s my Baby’s Birthday

They say every family has one.  You know, the “one” that keeps you on your toes, that will inevitably turn your hair gray.  A child that makes you crazy (while at the same time making you love them so much you think your heart might explode.)  That is Cora.  She is my baby, and she turned 2 today.


This is my sweet baby at three precious days old.  I have SO many favorite pictures of her, but this one is up there among the best.  She was a darling baby, and as a third kiddo, I finally began feeling like I had an idea of how to be a mom and just started trusting my instincts instead of reading every book I could find about child rearing!

Over the past two years, Cora B. has grown into an energetic, crazy, hilarious dare-devil.  There are days that pass when I wonder how she survived.  There are days that pass that I wonder how I survived.  I always know the answer to both of these is “only by the grace of God.”

Before ever reaching the “mature” age of 2, Cora has already beat her brother and tied her sister on the number of trips to the ER , and she is hoping to tie Addy on the number of X-Rays.  She is spunky, full of life, and fast.  Man, is she fast.  She can just about outsmart me, out-run me, and outdo me any day.  She can reach up and swipe the counter and pull down an entire pitcher of sweet tea before we know what hit us.  (This typically happens on Sundays.)  She has the world record in grabbing the swivel computer chair, pushing it across the kitchen floor, climbing into the chair, onto the counter, standing up, and opening the snack pantry…..somewhere around 15 seconds. (This happens every day.)  She can grab bubby or sissy’s favorite item of the day and be down the hall with it before they even notice it’s missing.  When visiting at friends’ houses, she can locate and destroy cat or dog food in the first 2 minutes we have been in the house.   She has a keen ability to hunt down and decorate herself with Sharpie’s and highlighters like nothing I have ever seen before.  She is a wild woman!

photo (4)




But, oh, she has the sweetest laugh, and such a darling button nose.  She delights in having the attention of her brother and sister, and will giggle with them until she can barely breathe.  Her perfect little squinty-eyed smile can melt my heart  in a beat.  She has a vocabulary of about 10 or 15 words, but among those are the chorus lyrics to “Let it Go,” and she belts it out with the best of them.   Her crunchy-diapered sprint down the hallway when being chased by her daddy is a sound I will cherish in my heart for her entire life.  The face she makes when she says “Mama” is beautiful.  Sometimes I love her so much that I think my heart actually aches from loving so much.  She, like her brother and sister, has taught me more about life and love and faith than I will EVER teach her.  She is such a blessing.  She’s a fantastic little sister, and I know she’ll make a great big sister someday too!!!





Happy 2nd Birthday to My Cora Baby.



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