Birthday Blessings

After Andy and I found out we were expecting our first baby, we rejoiced, we cried, we laughed in disbelief… and then IMMEDIATELY called the doctor.  We couldn’t wait to have a “professional” confirm that we really had a life growing inside of me.  The voice on the other end of the line informed me that they schedule the first ultrasound/ appointment between 8 and 9 weeks.  She didn’t seem to grasp that there was a miracle going on inside of me, and I would clearly need a doctor’s instruction ASAP on what to do next.  I painstakingly waited for 4 long weeks until the day of the appointment arrived.  (If I recall correctly, I’m pretty sure I took a pregnancy test about every week to be sure I wasn’t dreaming!)  We had the ultrasound and found out that this sweet “peanut’s” due date was March 12, 2008.  MARCH 12?!?  That was MY birthday!  We didn’t plan for this to happen, and it frankly hadn’t occurred to me that this was when I would be due.  I thought it was fantastic, but also thought, “Who really has their baby on their actual due date?”

Fast forward 8 more months—I went to bed on March 11th thinking I might be pregnant forever.  Nothing had happened, nothing had changed.  I (like every other 9 month pregnant woman) decided I would be pregnant forever.  I woke up around midnight to make the trek to the bathroom, and climbed back in bed.  After laying there for a while, I realized I was having contractions.  I woke Andy up shortly after midnight.  Like clockwork, this baby girl was going to make her grand entrance to the world as a birthday gift to me.  Addy Rose was born at 1:17 PM at 6 pounds 12 ounces.


Welcome to the world, little one.

I told Andy at the time that I thought God had brought Addy to the world on my birthday to remind that the greatest gifts are never “things”–to teach this selfish person a valuable lesson.  (He re-taught this lesson by sending my second child on Christmas Day!)  I will say that while having your birthday is fun, having your birthday WITH one of the most special people in the world is the best!


Addy’s 1st birthday with mommy!

This shared birthday had extra benefits for my husband too.  With two girls in his life who shared the same special day, he finally began to remember that my birthday was in March and NOT in May!


Second birthday–NOT happy about everyone paying so much attention to her. How embarrassing!

It has been one of life’s greatest blessing’s to watch this tiny little baby grow, form a personality, share her thoughts and talents with us, to hear her laugh and to comfort her when she cries.  She transformed who I was.  She made me a mommy, the highest of all callings.  Having her has taught me infinitely more about how Christ loves His children than I could have EVER learned on my own.


Third birthday girl with mommy!

Addy Rose is such a delight.  She has a wonderful spirit and silly approach to life.  She isn’t just a great daughter, Addy is such a fantastic big sister too!  She took on this role at the “mature” age of just 21 months, and from the first moment she laid eyes on bubby she was a pro.  She then excitedly welcomed Cora just after her 4th birthday, and to say these two younger siblings adore her would be an under-statement.  She is (usually) so great at including them in what she is doing and playing at their level.  I constantly overhear her teaching them things that I have taught her.  She is such a helper, and I couldn’t accomplish half of what I do each day without her guiding her brother and sister into playing  so I can accomplish my daily tasks.


Turning four and just weeks away from becoming a big sister again!

As Addy gets older we have been able to share our birthday in new ways too.  She is big enough for “girls days out” now, and I look forward to all of the birthday outings she and I will have over the years!


Five years old…and a big one for mommy too!

We celebrated her 6th birthday (and my 31st) this past weekend.  She always comes up with fun and quirky themes, and we had a grand Shamrock bash with the family.  We get so excited about planning “our” birthday party together and drive everyone else in the family crazy with our birthday “month” chatter.

I have spent 7 March 12th’s with her now, and she is still the best birthday gift I have received so far!


Happy 6th Birthday to my greatest birthday gift of all!


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