Out of Our Hands

Quick Update:   We heard from our caseworker this week.  Our dossier has been translated, and sent to Bulgaria!  She told us to expect to be registered next week!  Please be in prayer that the forms are accepted quickly and that the hands that hold our files in the next few years would work diligently and effectively to place children in homes!  Our hope is that next week we will be accepted and given a registration number from the Ministry of Justice!



(Please note that I recently changed the blog’s web address.  If you follow by typing in the address, you will need to use the fiveandwaiting.wordpress.com  address!)


4 thoughts on “Out of Our Hands

  1. Tinc says:

    That is such exciting news! Congratulations! My husband and I are at the very beginning stages of the adoption. We just started our paperwork for the home study yuk. If you have done this before I need some comforting advice.
    It would be greatly appreciate.
    May god bless you and your extended family.

  2. Bethany says:

    Hi Theresa! Have you guys decided where you are going to adopt from yet?
    The homestudy paperwork is definitely what seemed to take the longest for us so far. It seems like no matter how quickly you try to prepare everything, you are ultimately at the mercy of other people’s schedules…..and that takes a while!
    There was quite a bit of satisfaction in it though because I was always marking things off my “adoption to-do” list. I’m afraid the “Wait 2-3 years” line on my to-do list is going to be less gratifying! 🙂
    Keep me updated about your journey…I love hearing other people’s stories!!!

  3. Tinc says:

    Thank you for getting back to me so fast. Yes we are going to adopt from Bulgaria. I am reading all these articles about the child having difficult communicating that is one of my concerns and just the whole transition period. So any feedback from anyone that may have adopted already would be a great help.
    I will definitely let u know our progress and again congratulations.

    • Bethany says:

      From what I have heard from other adoptive families, the transition period is a beautiful time of “survival”….much like the first months after giving birth to a new baby. Research shows that a young child will completely lose their native language within 3 months as they begin to learn their new one. Sad, but part of the process. We are currently open to 0-3 and potentially up to 4 years old after we update paper work this year, and my plan for the next two years is to learn as many basic phrases as possible to help with the transition. I went to Bulgaria in 2001, and remember a handful of words. There is a CD made by an adoptive family that contains phrases that you commonly use with children/ travelling with a newly adoptive child. I recently purchased it and plan to use it the next two years (along with my family) to help with the transition. Here is the link: http://www.phrasesforchildren.com/bg_main_new.html

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