The Apparent Project

So about a month ago, I told you all about our Orphan Sunday service at church.  We had numerous people talk about all the different aspects of orphan care.  Well, I had one wonderful friend from church ask if she could talk about a ministry in Haiti that is helping impoverished mothers find stable work/incomes to be able to keep their kids–to prevent more orphans.  I told her we absolutely wanted her to speak about this.    Then, due to a death in the family she wasn’t able to attend the service and share about these Haitian bracelets that are changing lives.


Apparent Project Bracelets

In the meantime, I had seen her beautiful bracelet and decided to buy some as gifts for Christmas.  I went to the website of the Apparent Project, and saw a little button called “Fund Your Cause.”  I clicked on it, and became so excited to partner with this ministry for a short time.  Now, as I’ve said before, it has been Andy and I’s conviction to fund the adoption through our personal saving and sacrificing, and we have stood pretty firm on that, as we feel capable of doing so.  Yet, as I read about the Apparent Project ministry, I realized I could also help them more by allowing them to help us.  So here’s a little more about this powerful project:

I quickly realized that if I chose to buy 3 or 4 bracelets as gifts, that I would be contributing $15 or $20 to the Haitian artisans involved with Apparent Project, but if I chose to join with them as an adoption funding project, I could help them raise closer to $400 or $500 in addition to matching that for our next agency fee.   So, after discussing it with Andy,  I order 150 bracelets to sell.  They arrived yesterday in the mail, and I could barely wait until the kids were in bed to pour the whole box out on the floor.  The bracelets are made by people who have faced tremendous hardship at no fault of their own, and who are scraping by or on the verge of losing their children.  They use  discarded materials such as cereal and cracker boxes, oil drums, and trash paper to create beautiful “upcycled” pieces of jewelry.


I held each bracelet in my hand one at a time…all 150 of them, and they are ALL beautiful!    Each bracelet is made by a Haitian artisan and she (or he) attaches a card telling the buyer about themselves. I read each woman’s story of hardship and how this ministry is changing her life.   This is such a unique thing in today’s mass-produced retail market.  To see the face and the story of the maker of a beautiful, original piece of jewelry, to know your purchase is putting food on her table and allowing her to love her children who are with her in her home, and to be able to pray for her by name….this is powerful!


So, here’s how it work:  The bracelets are $8 each.  $4 goes directly to the women of Apparent Project and $4 goes towards our adoption fees.  I have a crate of 150 gorgeous, one-of-a-kind bracelets.  If you would like to have one or purchase some for Christmas gifts, just let me know and I’ll make sure you get them by Christmas!  They are such a wonderful, meaningful way to show love and hope around the world.



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