Homestudy Visit #2- Check!

We survived the home study visit Thursday!  Andy will probably tell you he is more thankful about this than me because for weeks I have been a little on-edge about how I would get everything in order for the visit, and I think he was getting a LITTLE tired of reminding me it would be fine and our house didn’t have to appear perfect.  However, he did decide to work from home Thursday so he was able to help a bit before the visit, and while the house wasn’t perfect, it was about as good as our house gets with three kids under 6.

And, I must give credit where credit is due….Wednesday evening, I mentioned to Addy (who was sitting in the middle of what appeared to be her bedroom floor, but it wasn’t visible due to clothes, toys and books) that we were picking up the house because a lady was coming to see if our house was safe enough for our new baby.  She has, from Day 1, begged us to let the new sibling share a room with her, if it is a sister.  I went back to my business of preparing supper and thought she was downstairs playing.  When I announced, “supper time,” and she didn’t come, I went looking for her.  I found her in her SPOTLESS room, arranging her shoes in her closet.  Friends, this NEVER happens.  She is a normal kid who HATES to clean her room, and even at 5 years old can come up with every excuse or distraction in the book to avoid it–no matter the bribe.  However, she told us that she wanted to make sure her room was safe so our case worker would tell us the baby could stay in her room.  So sweet.

photo (38)

Abe, not to be outdone by his big sister, also worked hard cleaning his room, and proudly dragged us down the hallway and into his tidy room.  We praised him and high-fived, and then he puffed out his chest a little, and announced, “I put ev-wee-ting in my cwoset.”  Yep, he did, but I was no less proud of the effort….and don’t tell our case worker, but we just left it like that! 🙂

photo (37)

The home study meeting went great, and everything should be “official” in 2-4 weeks, but I must share another one of the humorous hoops we have found to jump through for the State of IL.  Our case worker asked if we raise our own pork or beef, and we replied no, but that my parent raise cattle and we get our meat from their packing plant.  Because we have home-grown beef, rather than say the stuff they call beef in the Wal-Mart Deli, we have to have our packing plant prove to DCFS that they are legit.  She asked us to get a letter on letterhead or with an official stamp that states they are IL Dept. of Agriculture approved.  So the packing plant is a small 3-4 person-run business in a tiny little village and they do an amazing job, but can you just imagine for a moment the conversation:

Letterhead? No, we don’t have letterhead……

A stamp? Um, No….

WHY do you need this again?

….Really?!  For an adoption?

They were so helpful, and we took care of the requirements, but it was pretty hilarious.

So all in all, the home visit wasn’t as scary as I’d led myself to believe. Yes, they checked our medicine cabinets and water temperature and fireplace, ect.  But, really, they spent more time looking at my Pinterest pumpkin than anything else.

photo (36)


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