Meet Me in Chicago

Adoption activity is getting ready to pick back up again for a while as we enter the next stage of the game.  In the next 2 weeks, we will have completed everything we need for our home study.    We submitted all our paperwork about a month ago, and have been trying to continue our online training.  This weekend Andy and I will travel to Chicago for the required in-person training.  We knew the Baptist Children’s Home (which we are working with) would have their 2 day training at the end of October, but we couldn’t bear to sit on our hands for a whole month when we could go elsewhere.  I spent a few weeks calling about 15 different organizations all over Illinois, and the only training we could find was through The Cradle in Chicago.  It is only a one day class, which means we will be required to take additional online training to meet the requirements for our adoption, but it also means Andy won’t have to take off 2 extra days of work, AND we will be able to officially complete our home study a month sooner. Right now the home study is what we are waiting on so we can finish everything else.

In addition to finishing our training for Baptist Children’s Home (and working on our training for All God’s Children), we have our actual home study visits to complete.  These will be two 4-hour meetings with our case worker.  Our first meeting is next Monday, and we will travel to her office to talk with her both individually and as a couple, then she will come to our home on that Thursday to do a visit of our home and speak with us and our children.  I won’t lie, I am a little nervous about the actual home visit, not because I expect her to find our home un-fit, but do you know how hard it is to GET and KEEP my house clean with a 1, 3 and 5 year old living out life everyday.  If it isn’t spilled milk, it’s toys, clothes, blankets, papers, crayons, pots and pans and we won’t get into bathroom messes.  As soon as I get one room in decent order EVERY other room has been annihilated!  I keep trying to remind myself they are looking for a safe and loving home, not a perfect house, but still… will make for a tiring week.
photo (31)

If you have a few extra moments to pray for us the next few weeks, here is what I would be grateful to receive prayer for:

  • Safe travel for Andy and I to and from Chicago this weekend….a time we could enjoy as a couple as we prepare for this new journey.
  • Safety and a fun time with grandparents for our children.  Good sleep for Cora wherever she stays…this is always a source of stress for me as she still likes routine and her bed.
  • Our first home study visit on the 23rd…..another afternoon the kids will have to be away from us.
  • The days leading up to the in-home home visit- that I won’t focus so much on my getting my house ready that I forget that the children in it are worth so much more of my time.
  • The in-home home study on the 26th.
  • And, for Andy, that missing 2 whole days during his work week won’t add stress or pressure to him, and that he can be productive on the days he is there next week.

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