Life is Happening

One thing I love about Andy, is his constant reminders from day one of adoption planning  that we will continue living life while we wait.  He tells me all the time that we have an awesome opportunity to LIVE and have FUN with our kids during the next three or so years.  We want to continue to make memories and enjoy each moment.  We know that in many ways the wait will be long and frustrating at times, but we will not lay down and push pause on life while we wait for the newest member of the family to join us.  We will trust in His timing, and enjoy each day for the gift that it is.

So, this post is not an adoption post, but rather a “what’s happening” post about our life.  (And really, to be honest, there isn’t always going to be a lot of action on the adoption front, and I’m sure no one wants to read a post about, “STILL waiting!” :))  Besides, life is happening in our house and we are having a great time!  Addy started Kindergarten this year and Abe is continuing with Pre-School, and Cora is, well doing “Cora things.”  And all of that is happening under our roof each day.


I see it now, ahh yes, the eyes rolling–“They’re home-schoolers. Oh…..” HA!  Yep, that’s exactly what I would have said about 5 years ago.  Andy and I never would have dreamed that this would be what we were doing in our family at this point in time, but life is funny that way.  After I decided to quit my teaching job to stay home with Addy as a newborn, I began looking for a mom’s group to share new-mom ups and downs with.  I found a group called Moms and Munchkins at a local church and decided to give it a try.  On the morning of my first meeting, Andy hollered at me on his way out the door, “Have fun….don’t go turning into one of those crazy home-school moms!”  I laughed and replied, “Oh trust me, I won’t!”    [Insert foot in mouth here.]  The thing is that the longer I attended the group and met more moms who were homeschooling, I saw first hand how their families and their children flourished, and I started thinking, “Homeschooling’s not at all what I always thought it was!”  It is possible to enjoy your children in your home, raise them with a firm foundation of the love and holiness of Christ, and give them a phenomenal education.

I prayed about it for a very long time before I mentioned it to Andy.  When I finally did, we began praying about it and researching and researching and researching.  The thing is the more we researched, the more it confirmed how successful home-schooling is (when done right).  I talked to every home-schooling mom, every home-schooled child, every home-school graduate I could find, and I couldn’t find anyone who wished they would have done it any differently.  The kids enjoyed it, the parents enjoyed it, and there were beautiful bonds and memories formed in those homes.

Andy and I spent many late nights during the first three years of Addy’s life discussing if this “leap of faith” was something we were willing to do.  Did we really want to be responsible for taking her (and our future children) out of the “norm?”  Be responsible for if they succeeded or failed?  Subject ourselves to the criticism of others?  And what we realized was that we felt capable of teaching our children, and had the resources to do so, we believed that God would equip us for this calling, and that the criticism of others didn’t amount to anything in the Kingdom.  We looked at the great opportunities to teach with each child’s interest and abilities in mind, have school be interactive and tailored to them, be able to spend more time with their dad, and have the opportunity to learn together as a family.  We desired to see our children form close bonds with each other and with us.  It has always been our desire to live simply and remember what is of worth in this world, and we had a hard time envisioning that for our family in the busy-ness of school and school activities.

I know that there are many who do not understand or approve of homeschooling, to which I would agree it is not for everyone.  I have many dear friends whose children flourish in school, and it works wonderfully for their family, but at this season we didn’t feel it would be best for our family.  I come from a long line of educators and nearly everyone is Andy’s family teaches as well.   We value education in addition to spiritual knowledge and wisdom, and hope to impart both to our children!

I promise this will not be a home-school blog…please don’t run away, but this is what is happening right now in our home.  It is fun and exciting and a little scary, just like life should be!   With that, recess is over, and it’s time to get back to our science experiment outside….


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