A Load (of paper) has been Lifted Off my Shoulders….

I promise I’ll stop with the daily posts soon, but today is too great not to share.  As of today, we have completed ALL the paper work for our homestudy.

photo (14)

When we first started this process, I heard the “horrors” of the great paper chase, but couldn’t have imagined what (seemingly) ridiculous things you have to gather.  We started working on our homestudy paperwork on July 3rd and finished it in one month!  Now we can schedule our two visits and finish our dossier.  I’ll save the definition of all these adoption terms for another post, but for now the important thing is the major chunk of paperwork is complete!!!

photo (15)

So, this afternoon we are headed to the post office to mail off the home study AND our FBI Fingerprint Record Request for our Dossier.  After this, we will slow down a TINY bit for a few weeks.

photo (16)

In the meantime, Andy and I will continue working on all our online training, and register for our Chicago training this week!  Compared to all the paperwork, a little trip to Chicago for a day of training actually sounds FUN! 😉




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