Meet the Family

As we officially started this adoption journey 3 months ago, I quickly realized how valuable it will be over the course of the next 3-4 years to find others who are on this journey as well.  There are many experiences that have already proven to be unique to the adoption process, and I immediately started trying to find other adoption stories and blogs.  I wanted to know there were other people who are doing this thing right now, who are seeing its struggles and its beauties.  I wanted to form connections and join community with those who have a heart for the orphans and the oppressed, so I can daily be reminded of the value of this decision.

I’ve always been a bit “anti-blog” as it can seem to be a very selfish idea that your story is important enough for the whole world to want to read about, but I believe this is God’s story and I desire to demonstrate His faithfulness and provision for His children and for me.  So here I am.  I am going to share our story with whoever desires to know it– not because our story is great, but because our God is great.

So, without further adieu….meet my family:

My Husband, ANDY


Andy and I met as teenagers at a little church camp in Rudment, IL.  It wasn’t so much a story of “love at first sight,”  but rather years of deep friendship that grew into the knowledge that we could never live apart from each other.  We married on May 15, 2004 at our little country church, and have shared more adventures together than we could have ever dreamed.  He is a great dad, and our kids pretty much think he hung the moon.  They gleefully chant “Daddy!” each day when he arrives home from work and run to meet him on the sidewalk.  He is an electrical engineer at a coal mine, and regardless of how he would describe himself, I love that he is a hard worker and always has the desire to be better at whatever is at hand.  He is our gardener, coop-builder, fort-engineer, camp leader, and piggy-backer.



Addy Rose was born March 12 (on my birthday) and is a constant source of love in our family.  She is 5 years old and we will begin her first year of Kindergarten next month.  She has had a heart for the poor and the needy, and (on her own) has made it her mission to make dozens of beaded necklaces to send with missionaries around the world.  I love her compassionate heart.

She is a kitten-lover, butterfly catcher, song writer, and great big sister.



Abe was born on Christmas Day 2009.  He is 3 and a half.  He is the “silly head” of the family, and although he was the somber quiet toddler, he has recently transformed into a hilarious entertainer.

He is my goofy, snuggly, hungry super-hero.



Oh, Cora baby.  What to say about Miss Cora Beth?  She was born on April 4, 2012 and is 16 months old.  She is in a ridiculous phase right now of climbing/ destroying/ throwing/ being independent.  If it is dangerous, count her in!  If it is gross, count her in!  If it is on the floor, well….you get the idea.  She loves giving mean faces to everyone she meets, but her smile can melt your heart.  She is forever going the opposite direction from the rest of the family.  She makes me happy and tired at the same time.



I’m Bethany.  I taught Middle School English for a few years, until I had Addy at which point we decided I should stay home.  I have a photography business that I do part time and it keeps me as busy as I would like to be.  I do my best to be chef, maid, laundromat, teacher, mom, and playmate, but never (ever, ever) accomplish any of these jobs perfectly.  But, I am covered in grace, so that makes it all okay!

And we can’t forget these guys…

A dog (Clifford), a cat (Jessie), 2 roosters, a dozen or so hens(yes these have names, but I’ll spare you!), and 2 ducks (Daisy and Ducky)

That’s it.  Here we go!


5 thoughts on “Meet the Family

  1. Kelli Pearce says:

    Sending prayers your way Bethany and Andy……excited for your family! Good luck and blessings with the rest of the process.

  2. Megan Swartz says:

    First off, what a joy to read all the wonderful blessings that are happening in your journey and that will continue to happen. Second I love that I have a sister that is so full of life and doesn’t see in black and white but in bright beautiful color. You are all the time showing me small but mighty steps to becoming a better Christian mother by watching you shower your children with love and wisdom. Thank you so much for simply existing in my life. You have truly opened my eyes to what a person should strive to be. Love all of you and I can’t wait to have a new niece or nephew or both!

  3. Eris says:

    Wow Bethany! God is so cool! I too remember that blur of sunflowers passing by and those feeling running around in your head waiting outside the gate of the orphanage, wanting to just take one back home with you, and now you do! It’s soo cool how God has brought it full circle with you!

    Remember all the events at our “Home sweet Home’ . . . and the pizza place. . .
    What great memories!

  4. Bethany says:

    Eris….I do remember all the events of Liliana’s Home Sweet Home. In particular, I remember a certain coffee mug we seemed to get tickled about! I remember feeling perpetually lost on that trip and never having any idea where everybody else was and what they were doing! 🙂 God has used Bulgaria to shape me over and over again. Glad I got to spend that time with you!

    Megan–I am blessed to be your sister. I love you!

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